A Cheap Way to Deal with Ashtma

Kopi Luwak – kawa z odchodów cywet najdroższą kawą świataA couple of years ago I learned that the worst of my asthma could easily be cured by something that is commonly found, relatively cheap and easily gained - coffee. I had read an article which suggested that drinking something hot was a great way to help open your lungs and relax the muscles from spasming while caffeine was also a wonderful way to keep them stimulated so as to not seize up like they do during an asthma attack. A friend told me about www.kopiluwakguru.com and mentioned that I might want to try some of the coffee from there due to how expensive it was. Surely expensive coffee would mean that it was of a better quality and might be able to do the job better than any other coffee I could find in the area. He was right about one thing, at least - the price was higher than any other kind of coffee that I have ever drank.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the best tasting coffee. It wasn't exactly a terrible coffee but apparently the price is only so high due to the fact that the way the beans are harvested is one of the most complicated methods in the entire industry. I won't go into too many details, to spare myself and you readers, but basically they allow the coffee beans to be eaten by some kind of South American mammal which passes on the seeds for the farmers to harvest. After finding out how this coffee was harvested and why it was so expensive, I gave the bag away! I just couldn't bring myself to drink any more of it. I'll stick with my gas station coffee from now on - it does the trick for my asthma and gets me nice and energized for the morning commute to boot.

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